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A simple solution is what clearly identifies preexisting problems and sets a clear map of restructuring and revitalization to a renovated future. Our products and services are available, accessible, applicable, easily understandable, and set with a clear user manual. They can be utilized without technical complexity, are easily repairable, and need minimal or no support from the developing team. But we will still stand by your side until the implementation process is conducive for you to run it solo. What we provide you with is a self-sufficient entity and the sustainability of it is made sure through the ease of transferability of skill and knowledge. Possibly integrable as needed.


It is the degree of excellence of what we do, and it is what represents us. Our quality assurance mechanism is a series of creating, implementing of quality planning and management, quality control and quality improvement. We work as a team. The team plans its own strategy to deliver a service/ product that is up to the standard for the respective sector. The standard evaluation begins from the birth of the basic concept to the last outcome by team evaluation, through repetitive comments and suggestions of highly experienced, seasoned consultants of the field in every step of the way. We finally validate by establishing documented evidence which provides a high degree of assurance that a specific process will consistently produce a product meeting its predetermined specifications and quality attributes We learn from our past errors, and always take the time to assess and document the best practices of every project we handle to replicate and further refine our actions. We don’t limit our quality management in our service and product delivery. We give great value to due diligence. We run a detailed examination of a company/ organization and its previous activities and its future, before we become involved in a business arrangement with it, because it matters what you perceive of us. As the saying goes, “Tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you your future."


What you need is made just for you. We provide services and products with you, and only you, in the picture. We don’t have a “one fit for all” strategy. Even our “on market” products you might be interested in for your company, we customize it just right, so it fits for you. Tailored with quality, tailored with affordability...


Are you concerned that you may not be able to pay up? Not to worry! We provide you with a variety of options to facilitate our customer services in ways such as, provision of service packages, lobbying on your behalf for resource mobilization, and mobilizing the resources ourselves on your behalf so we can pay ourselves in the end. When you come to us, our products and services do not leave you bankrupt. We adjust our terms and conditions of agreements in a civil and ethical manner. Our clients are our living proof.


Who we are

Established in 2020, Alephtav got its name from a combination of the first and last Hebrew aleph-bets: Aleph (א) and Tav (ת), respectively, and our philosophy is embedded within the meanings of the alphabets.

Aleph represents oneness and connects the upper and the lower worlds. We believe to connect and set an example how every project brings the government, donors, investors-the upper world, to the people, recipients, consumers-the lower world. Aleph also represents the creation of something out of the seemingly nothingness. Our company aspires to bring new perspectives, innovation, and creativity to our projects.

The letter Tav symbolizes the completion of something that is started. It marks that everything that begins is already known to have an end. There won’t be anything that we start but can’t finish.

As every beginning has an end, the Aleph has a Tav. On the other hand, the Tav will be an Aleph as every end becomes the beginning of another.
Similarly, every project idea conceived with Alephtav will be materialized and every project that is completed will give birth to another idea that results in expansion, impact, and sustainability.

Our Services

Alephtav has specialized in developing IT solutions, providing end to end consultancy services on public health emergency management, disaster risk management, supply chain management, organizational solutions, recruitment solutions, training and continuous professional development, partnership and networking, and gender mainstreaming. 

Information Technology

Software development

Website development

Network design and consultancy

Health information management

Risk Management

Disaster mainstreaming

Risk informed planning

Vulnerability and risk analysis and mapping

Business continuity planning

Organizational Solution

Organizational capacity assessment

Organizational design and establishment

System optimization

Feasibility and market study

Supply Chain Management

Import and distribution

Product registration

Tender management

Supply chain market research

Why work with us?

In Alephtav there is no riddle that can’t be cracked by our exceptionally talented and experienced staff. We will transform your challenges into sustainable and profitable projects. We believe this will alter your perception of challenges and difficulties forever. That is why we are your ultimate solution provider.

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