Inventory Management System

Alephtav has numerous solutions on consulting firm and IT products/Applications on Technology side. It has a ready-made application and on the other hand can develop the application from scratch.one of the ready-made application is Alephtav Inventory Management System. The system is highly effective at saving time and money. Not only does it have all you need to make sales, but it also allows you to keep track of your inventory in an effective manner.
Alephtav provides a collection of native capabilities for managing stock and tracking inventory across many locations. With the business intelligence feature, you can also determine the ideal balance between supply and demand across your entire firm.
The system was created with the footwear industry in mind. product/item details determine Specifications like color, size, model, and others are created to regulate the stock.
AIMS, a web-based inventory system, automates many of the operations that individuals find time-consuming to increase productivity and decrease administration times. The inventory system can be accessed from any location

and use tools to trace an item’s movement. AIMS creates real-time data via a centralized cloud system.
Most frequently used services only require a single registration, and other system users can choose which ones to utilize. Consequently, write time and write-time error can be decreased. Alephtav IMS managed by standard product Directory service. This ensure that to remove product report mismatch. The system has also advanced Business Analytics this helps in forecasting Demand which you can find patterns that will help in business growth. It can give your business an extra edge that will boost your business. Since many businesses use many apps, this automated inventory monitoring software can be combined with other programs. This is where the integration feature can be useful because it can transfer data from one program to another.

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