Alephtav's Portfolio

Risk Management

To break the vicious cycle of "Disaster, respond, recover, repeat", we need a better understanding of disaster risk, in all its dimensions. Risk management is the application of risk reduction policies and strategies to prevent, mitigate, or avert disasters by anticipating and managing risks ahead or prepare for them in case they occur to respond quickly and minimize damage to the community, infrastructures, or systems which in turn will result in resilience. Alephtav is a leading private organization operating in this sector to help institutions develop capacity and system and mainstream risk management principles into their day-to-day activities.

Logistics and Supplychain Management

Supply chain management is one of the building blocks of the health system and we assist organizations by providing end-to-end consultancy services, capacity and system development, import and distribution, regulatory affair support, research and development, and supply chain information management. If you are looking for a partner well versed in the routine Ethiopian health supply chain management, emergency supply chain management, and regulatory affairs, feel free to contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

Partnership and Networking

We believe partnership and networking are key for a long-lasting success of businesses. Not all organizations can achieve everything by working alone and thus require to identify, map, filter, and establish win-win partnerships with other organizations that match their needs and limitations. Partner with us if you are looking for local and international partners, partnership ideas and proposals, or resources for your organization. Our teams will guide you while conducting stakeholder mapping and analysis, co-creation of partnership projects, and conducting resource mapping and mobilization exercises.


Alephtav training center provides training in health-related sectors such as disaster risk management, public health emergency management, supply chain management, and in sectors such as information system, organizational solution, policy, and leadership. ATA is also providing continuous professional development training in various fields with a focus on health-related topics to equip health professionals with the skillsets that help them excel.

Information Management

Information technology is a backbone for every sector and it is one of Alephtav core competencies. We develop evidence based, problem-solving, and tailored IT solutions in a short period of time. Alephtav will be your preferred partner if you focus on quality, speed, and security. Explore Alephtav’s products and services in IT and feel free to contact our team for partnership options.

Gender Mainstreaming

Alephtav believes gender equality and empowerment are among the main weapons to bring sustainable development and poverty reduction. Hence, we aspire to mainstream gender in all governmental and nongovernmental organizations in Ethiopia. Contact Alephtav’s Department of Gender Mainstreaming (DoGMa) to explore partnership options in the areas of evidence-based advocacy and awareness creation, developing strategies and policies, and creating gender friendly environment.

Organizational Solutions

Organizations require regular diagnostic check up to monitor their efficiency and profitability while establishment of new companies require understanding of the regulatory landscape, technical and financial requirements, market opportunities, and entry options. Hence, if you are looking for a trusted partner in this sector, please explore the range of services and products we have at Alephtav.

Recruitment Solution

We aim to provide individuals with a variety of job opportunities that meet their qualifications and interests through development of different recruitment solutions, outsourcing services, and providing outstanding human resource consultancy. We aspire to meet the needs of private sectors, governmental, and non-governmental organizations locally and globally.