Alephtav's Portfolio

Risk Management

  • Public Health Emergency Management: Proactive
    solutions for health crises, ensuring community safety and preparedness.
  • Corporate Risk Management: Strategic frameworks to
    mitigate risks and secure corporate stability and growth.

Logistics and Supplychain Management

Supply chain management is one of the building blocks of the health system and we assist organizations by providing end-to-end consultancy services, capacity and system development, import and distribution, regulatory affair support, research and development, and supply chain information management. If you are looking for a partner well versed in the routine Ethiopian health supply chain management, emergency supply chain management, and regulatory affairs, feel free to contact us to explore partnership opportunities.

Partnership and Networking

We believe partnership and networking are key for a long-lasting success of businesses. Not all organizations can achieve everything by working alone and thus require to identify, map, filter, and establish win-win partnerships with other organizations that match their needs and limitations. Partner with us if you are looking for local and international partners, partnership ideas and proposals, or resources for your organization. Our teams will guide you while conducting stakeholder mapping and analysis, co-creation of partnership projects, and conducting resource mapping and mobilization exercises.

Professional Development

  •  Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Courses in proposal writing and research, quality improvement, Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), stress and burnout management, and medical ethics.
  • Healthcare Entrepreneurship: Empowering healthcare professionals with the skills to launch and manage successful ventures.
  • Curriculum Development: Designing educational programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry.

Information Management

  • Application Development: Crafting custom software solutions to meet specific business needs.
  • Website Development: Creating responsive, user-friendly websites for optimal online presence.
  • Information Management: Streamlining data storage, retrieval, and analysis for informed decision making.

Organizational Solutions

  • Organizational Diagnostics: Evaluating strengths
    and pinpointing areas for development to optimize
  • Organization Design and Optimization: Tailoring organizational structures to foster efficiency, innovation, and growth.
  • Quality Improvement: Enhancing operational excellence and output.
  • Visualization Tools: Developing dynamic visualization tools to interpret complex data easily.

Human Resource Services and Solutions

  • Employability: Enhancing job readiness through skill
    development and training.
  • Talent Acquisition: Streamlining the process to attract and recruit top talent effectively.
  • Job Posting: Providing a platform for employers to connect with potential candidates.
  • Career Mentorship: Offering guidance and support for career growth and development.

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