Assessment of disposal system of used masks and PPE at three industrial parks (Bole Lemmi, Hawassa, Kombolcha)

Fascial year: 2021 GC

Financed By: GIZ-NatuRes Program.

Project Site: Kombolcha, Hawassa and Addis Ababa,

Project status: In progress

Aim of the project: To evaluate the practices of waste disposal of used masks
and PPEs in three industrial parks across the country where the COVID19 pandemic resulted in unprecedented rise in usage of these materials

Expected outcomes

  • Recommendations on applicable ways to reuse used textile and medical face
    masks for other purposes
  • Procedures on how to use and dispose face masks and PPEs in the
    most available suitable way in textile and garment working areas
  • Raining to waste disposal workers in the three parks on safe waste disposal
  • Nearby community engagement and awareness building training on safe
    disposal of used masks and PPEs